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Marc Callado - Orchestrator

Day job: Living the Dream

Education: BA Religious Studies, UC Berkeley | Certificate of Entrepreneurship, Las Positas

What does local mean to you? Local means Love

Hobby/Passion project? Ideal Date Night | PIC Oakland | Indie Coffee Passport

You can reach Marc at marc@ilobresources.com.



Mari Bandoma Callado - Creative

Day Job: Attorney

Education: BA Ethnic Studies, Education minor UC Berkeley | JD, UC Hastings College of the Law

What does local mean to you? Local means community

Hobby/Passion project? Spin, yoga, Shift Local



Jason Frando - Design Guy

Day job:  I.T/Managed Services

Education: DeVry University (B.S. Network Communications Management) 

What does local mean to you? gezellig

Hobby/Passion project?  Language (computer and spoken)

You can reach Jason at jay@ilobresources.com.

Headshot of Philip Callado Content Writer

philip callado - content writer

Day Job: Warehouse Assistant

Education: BA in Psychology, Humboldt State University

What does local mean to you? Local means warmth and comfort

Hobby/Passion project? Shift Local, Music, Billiards, Writing

Headshot of allan mendez photographer and videographer

Allan Mendez - photographer & videographer

Day Job: Automotive Restyling Specialist

Education: Photography, New York Institue of Photography, 2008-2012. Film Editing, Filmeditingpro.com

What does local mean to you? Local means Home

Hobby/Passion project? Collecting antique props, prop styling, Baroque Still-life Photography and Car Photography/Cinematography www.amazing-motion.com

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